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Accelerated. Hands-on. Personalized.

International Business College, located in Indianapolis, offers students a hands-on education leading to a diploma or an associate of applied science degree. Programs are offered in the fields of business, design and technology, and health care. 

International Business College is dedicated to providing every student an educational experience to prepare for a variety of professional entry-level positions within the veterinary, health care, and business fields. The college combines technical skills with general education courses in accelerated programs of study that evolve to meet the demands of our central Indiana employment community.  In addition to specific hands-on career skills, we are committed to helping students develop strengths in communication, critical thinking, and professionalism.

To achieve this mission, we are dedicated to these objectives:

  1. We will continually assess and improve programs of study which can be completed in as short a time as practical while maintaining quality and integrity in valued skills. 
  2. We will support and continually train faculty to ensure quality instruction through current skill sets and teaching methods.  
  3. We will support and continually improve our administration, facility, and student support resources to promote a solid educational environment. 

Our goal is to create an environment where students graduate with the technical, professional, and business skills needed to secure future career opportunities. Through the input of our advisory boards and faculty members, International Business College's programs are updated continuously to reflect the needs of employers today. 

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