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International Business College was first organized in August 1889 by Professor Thomas L. Staples. Professor Staples had migrated to Fort Wayne, Indiana from Ontario, Canada, where he had established the first of six International Colleges in 1882. 

In 1882, the purpose of the college was to teach penmanship and the bookkeeping necessary for the business houses of that time. Fort Wayne was a thriving community, and the school also prospered. By the turn of the century, International Business College had been incorporated under laws of the state of Indiana and was authorized to confer appropriate degrees and certificates in business. About this time the school was teaching typewriting and shorthand along with the penmanship necessary for modern business. 

In 1969, International Business College was acquired by its present owners, Bradford Schools, Inc. Our academic programs are designed specifically to meet the changing trends and requirements of the modern business world. The continuing success of International Business College has been largely due to a student population of highly motivated people, a staff of dedicated teachers and personnel, and the respect and acceptance of the business community. 

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