Leticia Xique

Graduate Success Stories:
Leticia Xique, Travel and Hospitality Program

I was the first to graduate from high school in my family and I was unsure what kind of school I wanted to go to after I graduated. I thought about going to a big university but I was worried that in a class of 200 students, I would get lost. I decided to tour International Business College after hearing about them at my high school. As soon as I toured the school and could see the atmosphere in person, I knew it was the right school for me.

During the tour, I met with an admissions representative. I had been working in the restaurant industry and it was something that I had always been interested in. My admissions representative helped me choose the travel and hospitality program after learning more about my interests and goals. I was so excited that there were so many different things that I would be able to do with my travel and hospitality degree, like work for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships or even be a travel agent.

I immediately liked that the school was smaller and it was obvious that the teachers really cared about their students. I always felt like we were a family. Our entire class worked together and we had study groups. Our teachers were also always willing to help and answer questions.

One of my favorite projects during the travel and hospitality program was the vacation planning project that is part of the Worldwide Tourism class. We were given a budget and a destination and were tasked with creating a one week vacation for a client. I loved researching all of the different hotels, excursions and details like renting a car and flights.

I was impressed with IBC's career services and I  liked that I had help finding a job after I graduated. They were really helpful preparing me for interviews as well. I participated in mock interviews, which let me get more comfortable answering questions. We even had a business person from the area who interviewed us and then provided suggestions on how to improve our interviewing skills.

 I am currently working at the Drury Inn and the IBC career services department helped me get the job. I am planning to enter the hotel management training program this fall. I am really excited to see all of the different areas of the hotel and am looking forward to becoming a manager!

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