Anthony Mariani

Graduate Success Stories:
Anthony M., Graphic Design

Drawing is a part of me. It’s something I’ve always done and I knew that I wanted to make art my career.

I toured IBC and immediately liked the smaller classes and one-on-one attention from teachers. I also liked the shorter class length and that financial aid was available.

During the graphic design program, Mr. Wilson really mentored me. He was willing to stay after school with me to help me hone my hand illustration skills because it was something I was passionate about. We also learned the major design software programs like Illustrator, which I use at work now. The daily and weekly illustration assignments taught me a lot.

I was really proud of my dirt bike illustration, which was in my portfolio at the annual art show. During the art show, art directors from all over town visit the school and are able to see our work. I met my current employer at the art show and I was immediately hired. I am now an illustrator for a t-shirt company focused on race cars and I love what I do!

My advice to anyone considering a career in graphic design is to follow your passion and it will lead you to your dream job!

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