Darci Barr: Dental Assisting

Darci Barr, Dental Assisting Program Director

The dental assisting program at IBC has a reputation for being a comprehensive and science-based program. That reputation is directly attributed to the enthusiasm and dedication to the dental profession by the dental assisting program director, Mrs. Darci Barr. “I began working in both corporate and  private dentistry and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my students,” said Mrs. Barr.

Mrs. Barr is considered an expert in dental assisting program design and has been named as the president of the Indianapolis Dental Assistants Society and has served as board president for the Dale Foundation. She has collaborated as a subject matter expert in the development of quality assurance programs for correctional dentistry, the implementation of multi-site, multi state dental assisting educational programming, and the development of OSHA compliance facility protocol within correctional dentistry.   She has served at a national level as a subject matter expert for the DALE Foundation’s DANB® ICE® Practice Test, DANB Coronal Polish Practice Test, and the Glossary of Dental Terms.

“As a result of my work with various organizations, dental assisting students at IBC have opportunities to network with dental professionals and attend industry demonstrations.  I am also able to bring back knowledge to the program to ensure that our dental assisting program continues to be at the forefront of dental advancements,” said Mrs. Barr.

The dental assisting curriculum was specially designed  to ensure that students are ready for chairside assisting, are competent in their skills, and are ready to support their dentists. “Dentistry is tailored to each dentist; therefore students must become confident in their skills and be flexible in their delivery when meeting dentists' needs. I hear so often that our students are knowledgeable and I attribute their success directly to our focus on providing students with the tools they need to remain distinguishable in the industry,” said Mrs. Barr.

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