Benjamin King

Graduate Success Stories

Benjamin K., Vet Tech

As a kid, I was always interested in animals, like lions and tigers. I thought that the only career choices where I could work with animals were to become a veterinarian or to work at a zoo. I didn’t know that I could become a veterinary technician.

Once I learned about being a vet tech, I started researching schools in the area. I really liked that VTI was only 18 months so I could finish school and start my career.

When I toured the school, I was lucky enough to be able to see a surgery in progress. It was really interesting to see the vet tech student helping the veterinarian monitor the breath rate and be a part of the surgical team. I was also impressed with the classrooms, labs and kennel.

I am currently working at a surgery hospital, where we primarily do orthopedic repairs. I love the challenge of surgery and I love working with clients and their pets. Seeing the owners going above and beyond for their pets makes me love my job even more. It’s really fulfilling to see an animal go from barely being able to walk to being back to their normal playful selves.

I learned so much at VTI and am really using what I learned on the job. I am glad that I became a Vet Tech!

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