Brittany Grimme

Graduate Success Stories:

Brittany G., Graphic Design Program

When I toured International Business College, I immediately knew that they focused on the student’s needs. I was attending a different school at the time and I didn’t like that the professors weren’t student oriented. It was a totally different experience at IBC and changing schools ended up being one of the best  decisions that I ever made. IBC also made the financial aid process really easy and I was surprised that there were different grants available that I qualified for.

I always knew that I liked art, but I never really considered it as a career until I toured IBC. They helped me see how my interests and skills could turn into a career. I really liked that IBC was a smaller school with classes that focused on your degree. I always felt like the classes were preparing me for what I would be doing in my job.

The instructors in the graphic design program were wonderful. Mr. Wilson really pushed me to achieve and I am still in touch with him! An important part of the graphic design program was creating a strong portfolio that we used during the portfolio show and when we went on interviews. I am currently working as a graphic designer for Classic Designs and they hired me because they were impressed with my portfolio!

The placement department was also really helpful. They helped line up interviews and gave me the resources I needed to find a job that fit me.

I am so glad that I found IBC and I would recommend taking a tour to anyone who is looking for a smaller school with career-focused classes.

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