Judy Mackey: Medical Assisting Program Manager

Judy Mackey, Medical Assisting Program Manager


Mrs. Mackey is well known amongst her students for her medical stories, acquired from years working in the emergency room, pediatric and sports medicine offices and assisting in minor office surgeries. After spending more than 20+ years in the medical assisting field, Mrs. Mackey decided it was time to make a change and began teaching at IBC in 2000. She is currently the program manager for the medical assisting program.

“The students are the best part of the job. Watching them start the program knowing nothing and see them grow and learn until the day they leave for their externships is exciting to see,” said Mrs. Mackey.

As part of her responsibilities, Mrs. Mackey ensures that the classes are up to date and follow the guidelines set forth by the accrediting body, CAAHEP. The benefit of attending a CAAHEP-accredited program is that you are able to be a certified medical assistant in the state of Indiana. “Only certified medical assistants are able to do certain skills, so being certified opens up more job opportunities,” said Mrs. Mackey.

The smaller class size at IBC make it easier for students and teachers to connect. “I never go to a doctor’s appointment for myself without running into a former student,” said Mrs. Mackey. “Our students are so well respected because they get quality training. Our students learn through real world situations and get lots of hands-on experiences. No two patients are ever the same, so it’s important for our students to be able to see that there is more than one way to solve every problem. I use stories to help illustrate that to them.”

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