Meredithe Minning

Graduate Success Stories:

Meredithe Mining, Accounting Program

I knew that I wanted to do something in the business field and I have always been good at math, but I never really thought about a career in accounting until I toured IBC. During the tour, they asked a lot of questions about me and got to know what I was looking for in a school. I am from a small town and I liked the smaller environment at IBC. Everyone was really friendly and I knew that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed or lost like I did at other schools that I toured.

My favorite part about my time at IBC was the one-on-one attention from my teachers. They are the most helpful teachers I have ever had and I really felt like they cared about my success. Because it’s a smaller school, I was able to develop personal relationships with my teachers and they were willing to help me by answering questions and being available.

I lived in the apartments at IBC and made a lot of great friends. We really became like a family and helped each other study and stay on track.

The career services department helped me feel confident when I interviewed and they took the time to listen to what kind of job I wanted after graduation. They helped me find interviews and I am now working for the Indiana State Fair Commission’s accounting department!

I learned so much at IBC and am continuing to learn every day at work. IBC was a great choice for me to get started with my career and life!

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