Vet Tech Spotlight

Veterinary Technician Program Spotlight

After speaking with both Eryn Gray and Adrienne Shelby, it’s apparent why both have dedicated their lives to teaching students how to care for animals. Both share a love of animals and a love for the science and medical side of veterinary technology. “Since animals can’t tell us what is wrong, we have to be their voice. I really like being able to solve the puzzle,” said Ms. Gray, “There isn’t always a yes or no answer when it comes to medicine so we teach our students how to look at all of the facts and factors to determine a course of action.”

To help students learn, Ms. Gray and Ms. Shelby use a variety of different teaching tools. “I really like to use case studies to explore different situations.  Because our classes are smaller, our students have more hands-on opportunities and access to our on-site kennel,” said Ms. Shelby.

The size of the school also makes it easier for students to develop lasting friendships and relationships with other students and the staff. “I love that we have former students come back as guest speakers. They can offer current students an interesting perspective and it’s fun as their former teacher to see how they have grown,” said Ms. Shelby.

When asked what it takes to be successful in the veterinary technology field, Ms. Shelby and Ms. Gray agree that it’s so much more than just loving animals. Being passionate about helping animals is only the beginning. Being a veterinary technician takes having an interest in medicine, a knack for problem solving, and a love of learning. “I continue to learn about the veterinary technology field and I have been working in animal clinics since I was 15,” said Ms. Gray.

One thing is for certain, students at the Vet Tech Institute at International Business College will graduate feeling supported. “We will do anything we can to help our students succeed,” said Ms. Gray.

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Adrienne Shelby, Vet Tech Instructor


Eryn Gray, Vet Tech Instructor