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Graphic Design

Line. Shape. Size. Color. Space. Texture.

Great design combines elements like line, shape, size, color, space and texture to create one cohesive piece. In our 16-month Associate of Applied Science Degree Graphic Design program, you can learn how to use each design element in your projects to evoke emotions, create depth, and lead the eye to the message.

Launching a graphic design career takes a dedication to learning and the guiding hand of industry professionals. IBC offers a career-oriented and real-world-based curriculum taught and overseen by industry professionals.

At International Business College, you'll learn hands-on technical skills like typography, drawing, web design, package design, logo design, advertising and illustration. At the end of the program, you'll leave with a portfolio full of original designs to show future employers. 



At International Business College, our graphic design program is taught by faculty with real-world experience, so you can develop the skills we know employers want. 

Our class sizes are usually smaller, making it easier to get to know your teachers and get personal, one-on-one attention. When you pass all of your classes, we promise that there will be space in classes you need when you need them. You can finish on time and start your graphic design career quickly!

As a student in one of our Graphic Design programs, you can:

  • Learn key design concepts and experiment with various techniques
  • Complete real world projects to build your portfolio
  • Understand different forms of design, including web design, package design and animation
  • Explore lessons from the history of graphic design

 You'll graduate with a portfolio of your original work so you can showcase your skills for potential employers. 



International Business College offers a 16-month Associate of Applied Science degree program. Most classes are specific to preparing you quickly for a graphic design career. Our student focused resources are designed to provide you with the support you need to be successful.  

To read course descriptions, download our school catalog.

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  • Drawing 
  • Design and Color
  • Typography 
  • Introduction to Production
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Comprehensive Illustration 
  • Multimedia and Animation
  • Design and Presentation Development
  • Advertising Art Portfolio
  • Introduction to Macintosh
  • Microsoft Skills
  • Electronic Drawing 
  • Web Design for Graphic Designers
  • Web Development With HTML
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Electronic Layout and Design


As an International Business College graduate, our career services department can help you start your career by finding the right job! 

In addition to your career related courses, you will take courses that will prepare you for your job search by helping with resume writing and interviewing practice. You will also develop a portfolio of work that can be used to showcase your skills to potential employers.   

IBC Graphic Design graduates can work as: 

  • Graphic designers/artists
  • Illustrators
  • Production assistants
  • Typesetters/prepress 
  • Web designers


As long as you stay enrolled full-time at International Business College, tuition rates will be frozen for you and will never go up from year to year.  There are a variety of financial aid programs available for those who qualify. 

Associate of Applied Science Degree Program
TUITION/ADMISSIONS FEES (for students entering January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022)
Tuition Per Semester*
Application Fee
Tuition Deposit**
Confirmation Deposit**
Residence Fee Per Semester*
Residence Reservation Fee
Estimated Books and Supplies (for completing the program)
* A.A.S. Degree Program is 4 Semesters
** Deposit is credited towards tuition when the student begins classes. It is not refundable after the due date.